Hello, Friends!

My name is Kizmet Necole and I am the owner of Piper & Honey Skincare. A brand of Fair Trade and Environmentally Sustainable products, offering Vegan solutions for your everyday skincare needs. Named after the commonly grown in India, unripe red fruit of the Piper Nigrum plant, for it's anti-inflammatory properties, and the high-quality antioxidant nutrients of Honey.

I've always wanted to create and own a skincare line, focusing on a mission to use the best wellness ingredients to promote healthy, nourishing and beautiful skin—at an affordable price. This is exactly what I did by using the most effective natural ingredients as the base for my products, which are proven to be more effective for skin rejuvenation.

Beauty is whatever brings you joy.

Piper & Honey strives to create products that make you feel special. It’s a dream to offer a skincare line of Vegan products, using all-natural and organic ingredients.

I'm proud of our poducts and absolutely honored to share them with all of you!

Black Velvet

Our signature scent Black Velvet, is a beautiful blend of Honey Oat, Lavender and Black Pepper oils. We chose this blend because of its collective floral, herbal, and woodsy undertones. Most imprtantly, for the hydration and and protective skin properties. We hope our Black Velvet line becomes your new favorite.